Technology Enhanced Learning – MindMup 2.0

Mind Maps

Mind maps are fantastic tools that have many uses in education. If you are unfamiliar with mind mapping, basically it is a creative approach to note-taking. You begin with a concept in the middle and literally “map out” your ideas in the form of sub-nodes and connectors. They are especially useful in supporting group or project work. I use them all the time in my classes (and even in my personal life!).

Digital Technology

Digital mind mapping has lots of advantages over the traditional flip-chart-and-coloured-Sharpies approach. For starters they are cleaner and more accessible. They can facilitate asynchronous working. And there are loads of great online tools that can be used to create interactive, content-rich resources. Elaina Meiser listed 6 mind mapping tools in a blogpost about educational technology. But one of the tools she neglected is actually my favourite. It’s called MindMup 2.0.

I recently demonstrated MindMup 2.0 to a group of my colleagues at our first ‘Social Media and Technology’ peer support network. Below is a little infographic about MindMup 2.0. It also contains a video of how and why I use the tool to enhance my teaching and learning.

Look out for more of these short tutorials and demonstrations of digital tools to enhance learning in the coming weeks,

Dr Sean Morrissey

I am an Academic Developer in the Organisational and Staff Development Unit at the University of Strathclyde. My interests include using technology and social media to enhance learning and issues around digital citizenship, health and well-being.

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